Zum Konzert am 4. Juni 1962 in London

The Times, London, 6. Juni 1962

Fortner’s Work Evokes a Sombre Past


It is curious that we in this country have so far heard next to nothing of Fortner’s work, and it was therefore a welcome feature of their first concert in the Festival Hall on Monday that the Hamburg Philharmonic State Orchestra under Mr. Wolfgang Sawallisch should have included his Symphony 1947 in their programme. Conceived under the experiences of the German collapse and the years immediately after the war, it is a faithful reflection of the unhappy conflicting spirit of those times.


Mr. Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau brought his fine baritone voice and outstanding musical intelligence to bear on three excerpts from Schumann’s Faustgesänge; the second in particular is a stirring and impressive mood-picture. […]

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